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Fundamental Interactions

Chemical Dynamics

Stephen T. Pratt, Senior Chemist and Group Leader
phone: 630/252-4199, fax: 630/252-9292, e-mail:

Michael J. Davis, Senior Chemist
phone: 630/252-4802, fax: 630/252-9292, e-mail:

Yuri Georgievski, Computational Chemistry Specialist
phone: 630/252-3706, e-mail:

Lawrence B. Harding, Argonne Distinguished Fellow
phone: 630/252-3591, fax: 630/252-9292, email:

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
  • Applications of ab initio electronic structure theory
  • Theoretical chemical kinetics

Stephen J. Klippenstein, Argonne Distinguished Fellow
phone: 630/252-3596, fax: 630/252-9292, e-mail:

  • Ph.D., Theoretical Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
  • Theoretical chemical kinetics
  • Combustion chemistry
  • Atmospheric chemistry
  • Interstellar chemistry

Robert G. (Glen) Macdonald, Chemist
phone: 630/252-7742, fax: 630/252-4470, e-mail:

Joe V. Michael, Senior Chemist
phone: 630/252-3171, fax: 630/252-9292, e-mail:

  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Rochester
  • Chemical kinetics in the gas phase
  • Stratospheric kinetics with flow tubes and absorption / fluorescence methods
  • Combustion chemistry using shock tubes

Branko Ruscic, Senior Chemist
phone: 630/252-4079, fax: 630/252-4081, e-mail:

  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Zagreb
  • Thermochemistry (experimental and theoretical)
  • Photoionization mass spectrometry and photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Active thermochemical tables and thermochemical networks
  • Study of radicals and other transient species relevant in combustion and atmospheric chemistry
  • Active tables, informational manifolds, and optimizations of data interdependencies

Ron Shepard, Senior Chemist
phone: 630/252-3584, fax: 630/252-9292, e-mail:

Raghu Sivaramakrishnan, Assistant Chemist
phone: 630/252-1771, fax: 630/252-9292, e-mail:

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Shock tube studies of gas phase reactions relevant to combustion
  • Development of chemical kinetic models for fuel surrogates
  • Computational chemistry

Robert S. Tranter, Chemist
Phone 630/252-6505,fax: 630/252-9292, e-mail

  • Ph.D., Combustion Chem:istry, University of Hull, UK
  • Experimental gas phase kinetics
  • Combustion chemistry
  • Soot formation
  • Development of experimental methods
  • Shock tubes, flow reactors and mass spectrometry

Albert F. Wagner, Argonne Distinguished Fellow
phone: 630/252-3597, e-mail:

Gokhan Altinay, Postdoctoral Appointee
phone: 630/252-7792, e-mail:

Christopher Annesley, Postdoctoral Appointee
phone: 630/252-1734, e-mail:

Michael Burke, Postdoctoral Appointee
phone: TBD, e-mail: TBD

Wei Liu, Postdoctoral Appointee
phone: TBD, e-mail: TBD

Patrick Lynch, Postdoctoral Appointee
phone: 630/252-1734, e-mail:

Sebastian Peukert, Postdoctoral Appointee
phone: TBD, e-mail: TBD

Amit Sharma, Postdoctoral Appointee
phone: 630/252-3374, e-mail:

Hong Xu, Postdoctoral Appointee
phone: 630/252-7314, e-mail:

Scott R. Brozell, STA Assistant Chemist
phone: TBD, e-mail: TBD

John H. Kiefer, STA Senior Chemist

James A. Miller, STA Senior Chemist

Michael Minkoff, STA Computer Scientist
phone: 630/252-7234, e-mail:

  • Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Wisconsin
  • High-performance computational chemistry methods
  • Calculation of potential energy surfaces

Melita Morton Balch, STA Assistant Chemist
phone: 630/252-4083, e-mail:

Meng-Chih Su, STA Chemist
phone: 630/252-1771

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