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Division Management

Emilio Bunel Emilio Bunel, Division Director
phone: 630/252-4383, fax: 630/252-5528, email:
Jerry Hunt Jerry Hunt, Associate Division Director for Operations
phone: 630/252-3517, fax: 630/252-4470, email:
Ken Poeppelmeier Ken Poeppelmeier, Associate Division Director for Science
Christine McGee Christine McGhee, Assistant Division Director
phone: 630/252-3228, email:
Ann Bertling Ann Bertling, Executive Secretary to E Bunel, J Hunt and K Poeppelmeier
phone: 630/252-4383, fax: 630/972-4583, e-mail:

Management Team

Stephen Pratt Stephen T. Pratt, Fundamental Interactions
phone: 630/252-4199, fax: 630/252-9292, e-mail:
T Krause Theodore R. Krause, Catalysis and Energy Conversion
phone: 630/252-4356, fax: 630/972-4463, e-mail:
Anthony Burrell Anthony Burrell, Electrochemical Energy Storage
phone: 630/252-2629, e-mail:
Mark A. Williamson, Nuclear and Environmental Processes
phone: 630/252-9627, fax: 630/252-5246, e-mail:
Dave Chamberlain Dave Chamberlain, National Security
phone: 630/252-8083, fax: 630/972-4508, e-mail:

August 2013

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