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2012 International Pyroprocessing Research Conference Presentations

The Abbey Resort

The 2012 International Pyroprocessing Research Conference was held on August 26-29, 2012 at The Abbey Resort on Lake Geneva in Fontana, Wisconsin following previous conferences in Dimitrovgrad, Russia; Jeju Island, Republic of Korea; and Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Organized by Argonne National Laboratory, the Conference provided an international forum for presentation and discussion of the latest advances in pyroprocessing technology including separations chemistry, analytical chemistry, properties of molten salt systems, waste management, and safeguards for future nuclear fuel cycle systems. 

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Monday, August 27, 2012
Title Author(s)
Korean Strategy for Sustainable Nuclear Energy Development M.S. Yang
Pyroprocess Integrated Inactive Demonstration Facility Hansoo Lee, Jae-Won Lee, Jin-Mok Hur, Jeong-guk Kim, Seungwoo Paek, II-Je Cho, Won-II Ko, In-Tae Kim, Geun II Park
Trials of an Inert Anode for the Electrochemical Reduction of Metal Oxide Powders R.F. Watson, T.J. Paget, A.H. Jones
F-Element Solubility in Molten Fluorides - Studies by Reflectance Spectroscopy M. Kormilitsyn, A. Ocipenko, V. Khokhryakov
Electrochemical Nucleation and Growth of Uranium and Plutonium on Tungsten Electrode from Molten Salts M. Tylka, N. Smith, J. Willit, M. Williamson
Selective Precipitation of Rare Earth Chlorides from LiCl-KCl M.F. Simpson, T.S. Yoo, M. Shaltry, S. Phongikaroon, D. Labrier, M. Lineberry
Development of Spent Salt Treatment Process Using Zeolite K. Uozumi, T. Tsukada, T. Hijikata, K. Kinoshita, T. Koyama, K. Sugihara, T. Terai, A. Suzuki
Main Engineering and Technology Approaches in Design of Poly-Functional Radiochemical Complex (PRC) M. Kormilitsyn, S. Poglyad
Solid Oxide Membrane Process for the Reduction of Oxides in Spent Nuclear Fuel U.B. Pal, Y. Juang, P.A. Zink
Behavior of Zirconium Oxide and Zirconium Metal in a LiCl-Li2O-Based Electrolytic Reduction System S. D. Herrmann, L.A. Wurth, N. J. Gese
Future Metal Waste Forms: Impact of Cladding Type and Zirconium Loading on Microstructure and Corrosion L.C. Olson
Electroanalytical Measurements of Uranium and Plutonium in Molten LiCl-KCl Eutectic M. Tylka, N. Smith, J. Willit, M. Williamson
Investigation of Kinetic Parameters Determination Using CFD Based Electrochemo-Hydrodynamics Simulation K.R. Kim, T.J. Kim, S. Paek, H.S. Lee
Salt Preparation and Reconditioning for Accelerator Driven Subcritical Fission in Molten Salt (ADSMS) E. Sooby, J. Gerity, P. McIntyre, S. Phongikaroon, N. Progue, A. Sattarov, M. Simpson
Partitioning of Fission-Product Iodine During the Electrochemical Treatment of Used EBR-II Fuel S.M. Frank, P.A. Hahn, ClD. Morgan
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Title Author(s)
Pride Facility for the Engineering-scale Pyroprocessing Development I.J. Cho, D.H. Hong, W.K. Lee, H.S. Lee
Concentration Measurement of Actinide and Lanthanide ions in LiCl-KCl by Using Electrochemical Techniques S.E. Bae, D.H. Kim, J.Y. Kim, Y.H. Cho, T.H. Park, J.W. Yeon, K. Song
Historical and Current Crucible Coating Materials and the Effects on Processing R. Fielding, K.C. Marsden, K.H. Kim
Electrochemical and Thermal Properties of Rare-Earth Chlorides in LiCl-KCl Molten Salt S.O. Martin, J.C. Sager, K. Sridharan, M. Mohammadian, T.R. Allen
Synthesis of Sodalite from Nepheline for Conditioning Chloride Salt Wastes G. De Angelis, C. Fedeli, M. Capone, M. Da Ros, F. Giacobbo, E. Macerata, M. Mariani
Electrochemical Zirconium Recovery Experiments in Molten Salt System R. Hoover
Remote Handling and Evaluations Systems for use in a Pyroprocess Research Facility J.K. Lee, B.S. Park, K. Kim, S. Kim, S.N. Yu, I. Cho
Development of Pyroprocessing Fuel Cycle Technology at CRIEPI Y. Sakamura, M. Iizuka, K. Uozumi, T. Koyama
A Boron Doped Diamond Electrode as an Inert Anode for Electrolytic Reduction of UO2 W. Park, J.K. Kim, J.M. Hur, E.Y. Choi, H.S. Im, S.S. Hong
Current Density in the Mark IV with Cadmium Pool J. Li, D. McNelis
Effects of Pyroprocessing on Performance of Geological Repository J. Ahn, J. Yoon
Pyrochemical Separation of Spent Nuclear Fuel: Advances in the frame of the European ACSEPT Project L. Cassayre, R. Malmbeck, M. Harrison. G. DeAngelis, C. Caravaca, S. Bourg
Estimation of Uranium and Plutonium Exchange Current Densities on Solid Electrodes in Lithium Chloride-Potassium Chloride Eutectic Melts R. Cumberland, M.S. Yim
Development of Anode Structure for Electrowinning Process G.Y. Kim, T.J. Kim, D. yoon, D.H. Ahn, S. Paek
A Method for Determining Deposition Rates in an Electrorefiner Using Electrode Potentials D.S. Rappleye, M.S. Yim, R.M. Cumberland
Experimental Studies and Analysis of Oxygen Bubble Formation in Molten LiCl-KCl in a Transparent Furnace S. Phongikaroon, R. W. Bezzant, M. F. Simpson
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Title Author(s)
Development of a Safeguards Approach for Reference Engineering-scale Pyroprocessing Facility H.D. Kim, H.S. Shin, S.K. Ahn, B.Y. Han, T.H. Lee, S.H. park, D.Y. Song
Effects of Temperature Variation on LIBS Spectra of Molten Salt C. Hanson, S. Phongikaroon, J.J. Hatch, J.R. Scott
Developing an Alloy Waste Form for Metallic Reprocessing Waste Streams W.L. Ebert
Study on Feed Form Fabrication for Oxide Reduction Process J.W. Lee, Y.W. Yun, Y.W. Lee, J.J. Park, G.I. Park, H.S. Lee
System of Pyro Reprocessing RAW Treatment M. Kormilitsyn, A. Ocipenko, A. Lizin
Zone Freezing Study for Pyrochemical Process Waste Minimization A.N. Williams, S. Phongikaroon, M.F. Simpson
Development of a kg-Scale Oxide Reduction Module for Spent Light Water Reactor Fuel C.C. Baker, T.M. Pfeiffer, S.D. Herrmann, S.B. Park, S.H. Kim
Development Status on the Pyrochemistry R&D Program at CEA E. Mendes, H. Boussier, A. Laplace, J.F. Vigier, M. Miguirditchian
Reduction Behaviors of Zirconium Oxide Compounds in LiCl-Li2O Melt Y. Sakamura, M. Iizuka, T. Koyama, S. kitawaki, A. Nakayoshi, H. Kofuji
Computational Modeling on Molten-salt Electrorefining for Zirconium Recovery from Irradiated PWR Zircaloy-4 Cladding J. Park, S. Choi, S. Son, K. Kim, I.S. Hwang
UCI3 Binary Systems Findings Related to the Pyroprocessing Electrolyte F.D. Sutherland, A.L. Hames, L. Leibowitz, J.L. Willit, M.A. Williamson
Evaluation of Analytical Results Following Laboratory Scale Feasibility Study Voloxidation B.R. Westphal, J.J. Giglio, D.G. Cummings, L.E. Foulkrod, D.A. Sell, W.M. McCartin, R.P. Lind, S.D. Herrmann, S.H. Kim, S.B. Park
Fission Product Separation by Cold Finger Crystal Growth J.R. Versey, S. Phongikaroon, M.F. Simpson
Investigation and Modeling of Anodic Behavior during Electrorefining of U- 10 Mo Fuel for Uranium Recovery M. Van Kleeck, J. Figueroa, R. Blaskovitz, J. Willit, M. Williamson
Purity of Uranium Product from Electrochemical Recycling of Used Metallic Fuel K.C. Marsden, B.R. Westphal, M.N. Patterson, B. Pesic

October 2012


Mark Williamson
Conference Chair

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