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Scientific Glassblowing Facility

Scientific Glassblowing Facility
Joe Gregar at work in Argonne's Scientific Glassblowing Facility.

Argonne’s Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division operates a state-of-the-art scientific glassblowing facility. The unique aspect of this facility is the complete full service treatment given to researchers. Argonne scientists come to the glass shop for a wide range of glassware--everything from specialized, tiny optical cells, to apparatus and vessels as large as 18 inches in diameter. The facility's experienced staff helps researchers from design through fabrication to installation in their labs.

A Range of Glass Types

The shop has the ability to construct and design all of the apparatus from different types of glass ranging from, but not limited to:

  • Soft glass,
  • Borosilicate glasses,
  • Aluminosilicate glasses, and
  • Quartz fabrication.

Top-of-the-line Equipment

The Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division is very proud of the equipment that outfits the glass shop. Some of these tools include:

  • A variety of glass lathes to accommodate fabrication of many sizes of glassware;
  • Specialty annealing ovens including one that anneals quartz apparatus;
  • A highly specialized vertical glass lathe for jobs that cannot be fabricated in the conventional horizontal manner; and
  • Up-to-date cutting and grinding equipment using high quality diamond cutting wheels and diamond core drilling equipment.

The glass shop also maintains an extensive inventory of the latest products and supplies to ensure a quick response to researcher requests. Our glass shop can accommodate a range of jobs from the sophisticated one-of-a-kind prototype to mid-scale production runs. The glass shop seldom sends work outside to be fabricated. By doing this the glass shop is solely in control of the quality assurance of its products.

Fourth-Generation Glassblower: Joe Gregar

Argonne is very fortunate to have fourth-generation scientific glassblower Joseph Gregar on the chemistry staff. He is a world-renowned craftsman, has taught scientific glassblowing all over the country and has mentored many freshman scientific glassblowers. Joe has 41 years of industrial and research glassblowing experience and is a member of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society. Joe is continuously attending and instructing at national and local scientific glassblowing conferences to keep up to date with the latest technologies and advances.


September 2009


Joe Gregar

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