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This workshop is the third in a series that began in Lund, Sweden, in December 2010 and continued in Shanghai, China in October 2011. The workshops bring together an international group of scientists that work at the frontiers of the application of synchrotrons and other large light sources to energy conversion research -- particularly to combustion and the production/storage of energy from novel sources. The inaugural meeting was attended by around 30 people from a large number of countries. Attendance at the second meeting in Shanghai grew to over 60 participants. A defining feature of the workshops is the promotion of free discussion about cutting edge and emerging techniques among scientists who are expert in disparate disciplines and may normally not have opportunities to interact. The previous workshops have focused on a range of subtopics: chemical kinetics; particle formation; sprays and applications of new technologies, e.g. free-electron laser sources.


Continuing the ideas established in the previous workshops this meeting will provide a forum where scientists from wide international pool can explore state-of-the-art techniques and future developments for the application of synchrotron and other photon sources to combustion and energy conversion. The current workshop will extend the scope of the previous workshops and include topics such as heterogeneous combustion, flame synthesis, catalytic combustion as well as advances in imaging of sprays and nozzle flows, chemical kinetics and particle formation/self-assembly of molecular structures.


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Rob Tranter

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