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Trahey receives NU-Argonne Award

Lynn Trahey, assistant materials scientist, and Prof. Tobin Marks of Northwestern University have been selected for the third Northwestern-Argonne Early Career Investigator Award for Energy Research for their proposal, “Protected High-Capacity Anodes for Li-Ion Battery Applications."

The proposed research aims to markedly improve energy storage capacity and safety for portable electronic devices and electric vehicles, thereby promoting a more sustainable energy future. High-capacity tin-based anodes with 3-dimensional architectures and tailored electrode/electrolyte interfaces will be studied for use in lithium-ion batteries. Innovation will be sought through the development of 3D electrode designs, interface characterization, and advanced materials coatings.

The reviewers agreed that the proposal exemplified the intent of this awards. It was excellent in all criteria; novel; high impact, risky, promising; achievable; included credible ideas; was well-thought out; covered a broad focus; had a firm foundation; added value with a well-respected NU connection; was consistent with the ISEN/Northwestern and Argonne strategic plans; and included work by a graduate student.

May 2012


Lynn Trahey

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