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2009 Awards

  • University of Chicago-Argonne Distinguished Performance Award, Lynda Soderholm
  • Excellence in Catalysis Award from the Metropolitan Catalysis Society of New York, Jeff Miller
  • 25 Outstanding Hispanic Women in America award,, Monica Regalbuto
  • Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for a battery system expected to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and America's dependence on imported oil, Zonghai Chen, Khalil Amine, Ilias Belharouak
  • DOE Performance Award for leading hydrogen quality activities in the DOE EERE Hydrogen Program, Romesh Kumar
  • Special award from the DOE EERE Hydrogen program and Vehicle Tehnologies Program Annual Merit Review and Peer Review, Romesh Kumar
  • 2008 USCAR Team Award, Walt Podolski (a member of the FreedomCar Hydrogen Storage Tech Team)
  • Young Chemist Award from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Shengqian Ma
  • President’s Achievement Award, American Scientific Glassblowers Society, Joe Gregar
  • Young Investigator Award from the American Chemical Society  Division of Inorganic Chemistry, Karen Mulfor

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