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Welcome to the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division

The Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division is one of the largest divisions at Argonne National Laboratory, a leading R&D center with the mission to advance scientific knowledge, sustainable energy, national security, and environmental management. The division is a science-based research, development, and early-stage engineering organization that conducts both fundamental and applied research using experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches.  Our R&D is distinguished by the development and application of fundamental understanding to yield transformational solutions that address issues of scientific and technological importance to the Department of Energy (DOE) and the nation.

The Division is multidisciplinary. Its people have formal training in chemistry; physics; materials science; and electrical, mechanical, chemical, and nuclear engineering. They are specialists in catalysis, electrochemical systems, nuclear fuel cycle, combustion chemistry, and time resolved, multi-scale and ultra-fast chemistry.  Our researchers have experience working in and collaborating with university, industry and government research and development laboratories throughout the world.

The Division’s R&D is focused around five theme areas:

  • Fundamental Interactions   programs in atomic, molecular and optical physics; chemical dynamics in the gas phase, and photosynthesis
  • Catalysis and Energy Conversion – programs in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, hydrogen production and storage, and fuel cell materials development and systems analysis
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage –  programs in advanced cell chemistry and materials development of lithium-ion batteries for transportation and other applications and independent battery testing

  • Nuclear and Environmental Processes – programs in heavy element chemistry, separation science, nuclear fuel separations, repository performance, and radioactive waste management

  • National Security – programs in forensics and attribution of radiological dispersal devices, radiological decontamination technologies, sensors/detectors, and analytical chemistry

The Division hosts several facilities, including the Actinide Facility, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Electrochemical Analysis and Diagnostics Laboratory, Glassblowing Shop, and Premium Coal Sample Facility, providing technical support of research within and outside Argonne.

If you are a potential partner interested in benefiting from our expertise in chemical sciences, engineering and cutting-edge technologies, contact Dr. Emilio Bunel, Director, Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division at (630) 252-4383.  

Doing Business with Argonne

Argonne has many types of contractual agreements to meet the needs and interests of industry, universities, state and local governments, federal agencies and other organizations. Argonne does not compete with private industry and will not accept work that can be performed by commercial sources.  To learn more about working with Argonne, visit Argonne's Office of Technology Transfer web site (Information for Industry).

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